Casper For Snapchat Download for your Android Devices

Casper Apk is a great alternative for the drawbacks in most famous messaging Apk, Snapchat. As all of know that Snapchat is the largest image messaging app and it is becoming a major necessity for the teenagers and young adults out there. Although the Snapchat apk has gained the popularity day by day, despite all, there are few areas that snapchat has failed with it. So most of the Snapchat users disappointing with its drawbacks and they wished that snapchat apk would be better than the current snapchat. However thanks to Liam Cottle, the developer of the SaveMySnaps and SaveStories, Snapchat users’ dream has come true by introducing Casper Apk Download to the market with some added unique features. Today Casper for Snapchat is the best alternative for Snapchat.

casper for snapcat


Casper for Snapchat is an unofficial Apk that can be use as a third party client for Snapchat. The developer of the Casper app has hits the major drawback of the snapchat which is unable to save stuff to your phone and unable to save anything without notifying the user.. But now, no need to worry since Casper Download is there which can be save all the stuff like snaps, videos, text massages ect.. and sender will not get any notification from our end.

As I mentioned above, Casper Apk Download Free has came up with more added features than official Snapchat apk. That is the reason, most of the snapchat users are using Casper apk Snapchat. Let’s see what are the features available in Casper Snapchat.

Features of the Casper Snapchat Apk

  • You can save snapchat snaps, videos or text massages before it has been erased.
  • Save snaps like a ghost without notifying the sender
  • Save unlimited snaps on your Android
  • Forward or share snaps among your friends and friends in social media.
  • More add-ons filter available to use after save the snaps.
  • Casper apk download is totally free and you can use any of free versions of this app
  • Supports with all android versions


Casper Apk Download

Casper Apk free in download and it is only exclusive for all Android devices running on Android 4.0 and above. The latest version of the Casper Apk is Casper and the only way to download Casper Apk is manual download from the below download button since as i mentioned above Free Casper Apk is not an official apk so it is not available in Google Play store to download.

Casper Apk Free Download


How To Download Casper APK for Android?

Casper App download is not complicated process so anyone can download it very easily. If you have any doubt, just follow the quick video tutorial given so then you will be able to download casper apk for your android and enjoy with its cool features.



Points to Remember

  • Casper Apk only supports for android ice cream sandwich and above
  • Snapchat terms & conditions might be violating by using unofficial Casper Snapchat.
  • Snapchat only gives its interface to Casper Apk.
  • Its better to use fake account for log in to Casper apk since it might block your official Snapchat.
  • Casper Apk is not affiliated by Snapchat TM.

Credit Goes to

Casper is developed by Liam Cottle.

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