Casper Apk Free Download for your Android Device

Casper Apk is an unofficial Apk with lots of added features for the most famous messaging apk, snapchat. It is a powerful tool which able to make your snapchat app getting great day by day with its unique features. Therefore Casper apk is also known as the best third party alternative for the snapchat. Preciously, Casper App has reduced the headache of all snapchat users. So thanks to Casper Apk App, no more worries with snapchat and snapchat users enjoying with Casper Snapchat in newly manner. Let’s discuss more about Casper Snapchat Apk in detailed.

Snapchat is a major necessity app for all smartphone users specially for the teenagers and young people out there. Although Snapchat app is the biggest social media app, despite all that, there are few areas that most snapchat users looking for an alternative. As you aware, snapchat snaps, videos and text messages are visible for only for a short period of time by default, it will automatically get rid off forever. Also you will not be able to save a photo on snapchat which sent by your friends without knowing them. It will notify the user when you try to take a screenshot of a photo, video or text messages that make bad impression for you. However right here Casper Apk Download came up as a solution for the snapchat to satisfy that demand with many additional features which are not available in official snapchat apk. Well,It allows user to save unlimited snaps without knowing the sender and also forward the snaps to another friends and share those in the social media too.


Casper Apk Free Download

Nowadays Casper Apk Snapchat has grown its market unconditionally with its great features as mentioned below. Lets look at what are the features of it.

  • The ability of save unlimited snaps, videos and text messages without notifying the sender and the same time you can forward to them to another person. This is the most powerful  feature that make casper apk, greater.
  • You can customise the snaps with the various filters available in the apk.
  • You can express your feeling by adding the Emoji SDK stickers to the snaps. (Emoji has joined with the Casper apk with thousands of stickers)
  • You can make your media looks more professional with the help of slide filters
  • Allows you to change colour of the snaps and also you can add some caption the snaps.
  • And many more features to you to be creative.

As mentioned above, users can do  numerous  things with amazing features of the Casper Apk Snapchat like never before. So if you still not a casper snapchat user, definitely you might considering of use the casper apk with these amazing features. Do you?

Casper Apk Download for Android

Casper Apk Download is another great product done by the Liam Cottle who is the developer of the SaveMySnaps App and StorySave. Unfortunately Casper Snapchat is only exclusive for Android devices running on Android 4.0 and above. The latest version of the Casper Apk is Casper v1.5.6.6 and keep in mind that you can download Casper Apk to your Android, if your device is Android Icecream Sandwich or above version only. The Only way to get Casper Apk to your Android devices is download and install it manually since the Casper Apk is an unofficial third party apk, it is not available on Google play store. It is available to download via above link for totally free of charge.

Steps to download and install Casper Apk

Follow the below steps to how you can download Casper Apk to your Android devices.

Once you download the latest version of the Casper Apk free from the above link, first you need to enable the unknown source in your device since the Casper Apk is not an official Apk as we mentioned earlier, its not available in the Google Store. So Android operating system does not allow to install it properly. Once you change the enable unknown source you can installed it.

Moreover if you Download Casper Apk to your computer, later then transfer it to the Android phone. Then follows as below mentioned quick guide:

  1. Go to “settings” then tap “Security” and then enable “unknown source”
  2. Then Go to “file manager” tap on the downloaded Casper Apk file.
  3. Open and run the apk.
  4. Follow the instruction given on the screen to install the Apk
  5. After done the installation then find the apk with casper icon.


How to use the Casper Apk?

As you successfully installed the Casper Apk Snapchat Free Download open the apk and login to the apk with snapchat user name and password. Now it is ready to use the snapchat as your official snapchat account. You can save unlimited snaps you want and share them among your friends, also send Emoji stickers, customise the snaps and more.

Video Tutorial – Steps to download and install Casper Apk to Your Android

This simple video tutorial will show you the steps to download and install the Apk easily. It is not a complicated process that can download anyone out there even without any technical knowledge..




Important Fact to Remember

  • It is better to use another Google fake Account for snapchat as it might blocking your account from the official snapchat apk in your Android.
  • Snapchat is a kind of service where it gives an interface to Casper Apk to use.
  • Using third party unofficial apk might be violating the terms and conditions of the snapchat philosophy.
  • Use the Casper Apk at your own risk as this website do not hold any liability and any copyright of the apk.
  • Casper Apk is not affiliated by Snapchat TM.


Credits for developing Apk

Casper Apk is created by Liam Cottle, a New Zealand based programmer who is the developer of SaveMySnaps App and StorySave.